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Inka Gold is a revolutionary product that produces an amazing metallic finish without any harsh chemical. Nontoxic and water-based, Inka Gold’s main ingredient is beeswax, making it safe and easy to use for home décor. Inka Gold can be applied with a brush, rag, or even with your hands. Simply rub Inka Gold onto a surface and buff to create a long lasting shine. Suitable for most surfaces, Inka Gold is perfect for re-finishing and accenting furniture. Inka Gold is available in 17 high opacity colors. Made in Germany.

Paper Pen is specifically formulated for paper. With its easy to use applicator, Paper Pen creates perfectly round, three dimensional beads of all sizes. Paper Pen dries without buckling to a long-lasting matte finish. Nontoxic and water-base, Paper Pen is perfect for stencil and freehand embellishment on paper products. Paper Pen comes in 24 lustrous colors. Made in Germany.

3D Stamp Paint adds dimension and shimmer to stamp art. 3D Stamp Paint can be applied with a stamp or brush to most surfaces. Nontoxic and water-based, 3D Stamp Paint is fast drying, smear proof, and does not warp surfaces when drying. 3D Stamp Paint is available in 10 brilliant colors including high opacity black and white. Made in Germany.

Gloss Gel is highly transparent gel from the Viva Decor scrap booking series. It was designed specifically for stenciling, but can also produce transparent pearls of variable sizes. Does not buckle paper.

Pearl Pen is a versatile three dimensional gel writer that can be applied on most surfaces. Pearl Pen is most commonly used to create perfectly round, non-settling pearls of all sizes. One 25 ml bottle can produce up to 750 1/4” diameter pearl drops. With its easy to use applicator Pearl Pen can embellish virtually any surface making it perfect for paper craft and home décor. Pearl Pen comes in 24 colors and is nontoxic, water based, and machine washable. Made in Germany.

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